This week I worked on fixing some Perl dependency Issues that came up when I tested my  MHA branch on Ubuntu 14.04. I Looked for a way round this issue of MHA perl dependencies and how this can be improved. Actually setting up  MHA is really stressful because of this issue. There are lots of packages that need to be installed for things to work. I also improved on our master monitor script. I added

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use lib '../lib';
use MHA::MasterMonitor;

$num_args = $#ARGV + 1;
if ($num_args != 4) {
 print "\nUsage: master_monitor username password ip port\n";

MHA::MasterMonitor::main( @ARGV );

This script uses the MasterMonitor script to connect to a master server.  It regularly checks the availability of mysqld at the given master server specified by the IP parameter and Prints an error message when mysqld is unavailable or is not running on that server.
Commits can be found on github here.

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