This Week was a busy one for me in School. I had a couple of Continuous assessments and projects to submit. I also took out some time to work on our MHA project.
So far I have created a new package to check and Monitor Master Health. The Commits are found on my Github here. First, I created a package to Implement checking Masters Health  then wrote a main script to use it. It has nothing to do with SSH yet but we will improve on it later.

# Main script to Monitor Master using CheckHealth Package.

       package MHA::MasterMonitor;
       use MHA::CheckHealth;
       sub main {
       my ($user, $password, $ip, $port) = @_;

       $master_health = new MHA::CheckHealth(
       user => $user,
       password => $password,
       ip => $ip,
       port => $port,

Next Week I will be studying more of the MHA code for MYSQL GTID to git more insights for MariaDB GTIDs.

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